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Really Pathetic Backstory:

Insert Really Pathetic Backstory right here. Make sure it is both funny and pathetic.

Site History:

Apparently, someone else had the domain for a while back in 2001. It really was pathetic. A news clipping and a broken flash game appears to be all that was ever placed on the site. Sad. However, in 2005 the intrepid and tireless Sir Spamalot scooped up the domain and put up a website that promised humor and a backstory. He delivered on one of those promises, leading us to believe the above section will never, ever get any other text than the filler I, your humble narrator, have already placed there so the sections do not collide.

In 2007, having given up on the pretense that there was some big story behind the site, the page got upgraded when Internet Guru and your humble narrator's HTML sensei Dan "Albatross" Schulz made the site navigatable with a slick Javascript surfbar. Dozens of readers were suprised when they found out the site had, apparently, almost two years of content. This alone doubled readership into numbers that would be a decent summer's day in places like Bakersfield or the more hellish parts of Texas (everywhere but Austin, really).

Enter your humble narrator. Having survived four years of the best schooling and worst bureaucracy that California could throw at me, I found myself in possession of three things: A) The tatters of my sanity, never too structurally sound to begin with; B) A degree in history, ensuring my respect in those coffee places in bookstores, the awe of back areas of game stores, and the assumption that I am totally infallable in every Internet comment thread, everywhere; and C) A knowledge of HTML and CSS, because something had to feed the calico cat and people don't want a treatise on the causes of the Zollverein when trying to get their order of fries. Having revamped my site due to the (Internet) polite proding of Albatross and Deathshadow, I figured I could also help my good, dear friend, Sir Spamalot. The result is what you see here. It is marginally better than Frontpage, worse than Classic Battletech, and updated more frequently, apparently, than CNN.


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