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Welcome to the entity that for the past decade or so has defined the punny bizarre (We would have had the beginning of time, but we're still fighting the mouse for that). Really Pathetic Productions is so many things from our spoof news Site Really Pathetic News Network to our Web Comics like Block It or The Weekly Stickmata to our growing influence on other sites like YouTube and Cavalier Cavalry Productions, but we will always be the top source for parody gone whacko. Enjoy at your own risk the silliness that is

Breaking puns! 6-21-11: Check out our two new parody videos for June, an ode to joy spoof using only twitter status update and our first picture only commercial, the anti Nazi Deodorant, Reich Guard!
3-19-11 Gamers get the tribute they weren't waiting for, Our fifth Music Video: Girls Don't Let Your Gamers Go Out and Be Furries.

October 2010: RPP has now launched its first official web talk show, a mix of old bag humor and new gags. Starring Jesus Christ, lord and savior it's Three in Me Goes! Catch the pilot here:
1031 B.C. - 2010 A.D., Really Pathetic, LLC.